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Wanting to revisit the Brownie Hawkeye and having some expired Fuji slide film, I figured the shore is as good a time any…

Happy with the results but it’s a pain in the arse to shoot the full frame, as I have to shoot each image twice* and stitch them together but it’s almost impossible to get the images to match.

*I shoot my negatives (and slides) w/the Canon 5D, using the Lomography Smartphone Scanner (minus the phone attachment) to carry and illuminate the negatives, invert in Photoshop and do the majority of processing in Lightroom.  Again, it’s way more work than necessary but the images look better than anything I’d ever get off of a scanner.

IMG_9411IMG_9431IMG_9432IMG_9437IMG_9403IMG_9441IMG_9400IMG_9407IMG_9397dock clams01-002IMG_9416