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Kodak Duaflex IV

duraflexFor my second attempt w/the Kodak Duaflex IV, I tried doing things the “right” way for once (unless you consider the fact I used 35mm film as opposed to 620). I used 100 speed film and shot only when it was nice and sunny and double-checked the lighting w/a light meter app on my phone or using the meter in my Alpa Si 2000.  I also remembered this time around that you actually need to focus this lens, something I think I overlooked last time.


  • The 35mm canister is a little big for the space reserved for the film and makes closing the camera a bit tight. At one point, the back of the camera popped open and I lost a couple of frames and you can see where the light hit the edges of the film on some if the images.
  • When you magnify these in PS or LR, there’s something scratching the negatives pretty uniformly. I’d like to figure that out as opposed to having to retouch.

Not bad from a camera that’s 50+ years old though!


For this self-portrait, I used the close-up lens attachment, which allows you to get as close as 23 inches. Without it, the closest you can get to a subject and have it be in focus is 3.5 feet.