Gloves Off

Now that I’ve had a taste of the good stuff, I wanted better!  The time had finally come go metric, get a scale and try one of the original recipes.  I also needed more film so I stopped in for a couple of rolls of TMax at  Florham Village Camera in Florham Park.  When I got home and took them out of my pocket, I realized they were Tri-X and was quite bummed…a new part to the equation.  After debating whether or not I should return them, I decided to give it a try.

Using the Caffenol-C-H recipe (see below), I have developed what seem to be perfect negatives.  Without a doubt, my best so far, looking like a negative should.

Going forward, I may make tweaks here and there and will share any new info.  There are enough Caffenol recipes out there to make your head swim!  I hope this can help someone else move forward just a little quicker and get down to the business of shooting.

Washing Soda (waterfree) 54 g/l
Vitamin C 16 g/l
Potassium Bromide Kbr 1 g/l (10g/l if using iodized salt)
Instant Coffee 40 g/l
Use for general purpose, speed enhancing, low fog
Time @ 68 degrees F 15 minutes as a starting point
Agitation standard, 10 times initially, 3 times every minute

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