One Step Back

I finally decided to actually try some new, unexpired film just for kicks (TMax 400).  Also, picked up a fresh battery for the oldie/goodie, the Canon AE-1 so I could get a as good an exposure as possible.  This time, I only shot three test shots and snipped the exposed off of the reel.  duraflexThe negatives were thin/flat and I think underdeveloped.  Not sure if I developed for 11 or 13 minutes but I felt like this was a step back.  Around the same time, I loaded one of those new rolls of film to try out a Kodak Duaflex IV.  With a shutter speed of 1/30, it’s easy to get blurry images, which of course I did.  They were also underexposed, as it was too late in the day to mess around w/this one too.    I will revisit though.  Looking forward to a nice, bright day.


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