Caffenol: The 2nd Attempt

My second go at Caffenol was much the same as the first.  Using all the same gear/film,  I once again was able to get an image from the negative but they were VERY dark/dense.  The only difference this time was that I developed for 13m as opposed to 11m.  Again, no real difference in the quality of the negs but I was pleased nonetheless.  Emboldened by my modest success, I decided to try shooting an expired roll of Fuji X using a Traveler 120 by Pho-Tek.  Thitraveler-120s metal bodied camera was produced in the 50s and was made to use 120 roll film.  After a good cleaning, I sent out to take some shots but was greatly disappointed.  With so many variables to blame, it’s hard to pinpoint the lack of a decent image on the negative.  One of the main reasons though is that I think the roll was underexposed.  The Traveler 120 has a shutter speed of a 50th of a second @ f16 (?) and I don’t think I had enough light.  Couple this with the unknowns about the film and process, you get what you get. (I have not even posted anything here from that roll.)  I will however keep this camera close at hand, as I think I will get some good images from it.  If all else fails, I may turn it into a pinhole camera…

(On a side note here, I realized and you may see I was getting the sprocket holes reflected on the filter on the lens when shooting the negatives w/my DSLR.  As these were all tests, I didn’t rescan or retouch.  The whole scanning/shooting of negatives is a whole other thing in itself.)


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