Caffenol: The 1st Attempt

My 1st attempt at Caffenol were admittedly not under ideal conditions.  I used an expired roll of Kodak E100S, shot it on a Petri 2.8 from 1957 (?)photo using a Vivitar 45 light meter and developed using not one of the “Caffenol C” recipes (as I had yet to get a scale) but used the “Caffenol – Volumetric” CM-RS (p. 20) recipe by Martina Woll & John Caradies.

While the negatives I ended up with were not very good, very dense and I think underdeveloped, I was very happy and considered the experiment a success!  Regardless of all the variables that I was up against, I had still developed a roll of film for the 1st time in 20+ years, using basic, household chemicals.  After some post-processing in Lightroom, I actually had an image!  The adventure continues…


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